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Le modèle social français
The French social model

Boulevard Saint Michel -- It's cold tonight

Gare du Nord

Métro Jules Joffrin

Métro Saint Michel
I'm from Atlanta, have you ever been there ? ATL is poor, you see beggars everywhere...
I travelled in paris, and it's fare better, at list, it's a real city...
Non, tu n'es pas d'Atlanta : à ta manière d'écrire je sais que tu es français(e). Tu n'es même pas mythomane, car ceux-ci essayent d'être crédibles : apprends l'anglais avant d'essayer de faire croire que tu es Américain(e)...

Par ailleurs, oui, je suis allé il y a un certain temps à Atlanta.

Enfin, les USA ne passent pas leur temps à donner des leçons au monde entier et à pérorer comme des vieux poivrots hystériques avec leur "modèle social que le monde entier nous envie".
A friend of my mother's told her about this. It's scary and devastating to see what Chirac caused for a country I do admire in the near decade he's been president.
Avi, our Lider Maximo El Chi (Jaqh ibn-al-Shiraq, PBUH) is nothing more than France's gravedigger. Even if things have been getting more and more visible for several years, my country had socialist suicidal trends for decades (not to say since 1789), and comrade Shiraq did nothing special neither to worsen the situation, nor to make it better: he just made French politics, i.e. more and more socialism. If he didn't do it, someone else would have, as there's nothing but socialists in the French political class.
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A picture is worth a thousand words. No hype, no propaganda: Here are pictures of actual France, shot on-the-fly with my cell phone.

Officials lecture, facts don't lie.
France is dying, and that's the best it can do.

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